Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

As one of the most well-researched and evidence-based therapeutic interventions, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT, is useful in treating a variety of difficulties common to children, adolescents and adults. CBT is an active form of therapy in which the client and their therapist function as a team. As part of CBT, assignments are often given to the client to implement at home and in the community in order to overcome their difficulties and challenges. The therapist is a sort of “coach”, with expertise and specialist advanced training in CBT. Our cognitive behaviour therapists have trained with the world’s leading experts including Albert Ellis, Donald Michenbaum, Arran Beck and others.

On our Team page you will find detailed information on our therapists. You can make an appointment with a specific therapist through reception or you can call or email our office confidentially for advice on who would be the best person to help you with your particular difficulty.

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