The Connolly Counselling Centre – emWave Workshop

Workshop Objectives:

This workshop is designed to facilitate children who present with symptoms of trauma, for example;

  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of concentration

The objective of the workshop is to educate children about how their brain works and how they can take control of their own behaviour. By the end of the workshop the child will have a better understanding of how their brain operates and will be better equipped to self-regulate their feelings and emotions. The workshop is run for a maximum of three groups of children, with a maximum of five children per group.

Workshop Duration:

The workshop is run over a ten week period. In the first week, we meet with each child’s parent/guardian. The objective of this meeting is to get an insight into the child and his/her behaviour, as well as the presenting problem. Then we will have 8 consecutive weekly 2 hour sessions broken down into 3 groups (45 mins per group).

In the second week, we take a reading of each child’s breathing pattern using the emWave software.

The third and fourth sessions are dedicated to practicing the belly breathing technique. Belly breathing increases the body’s intake of oxygen and promotes relaxation and a sense of calm. We also provide some psycho-education around how the brain functions. Visual props are used to give the child a concrete understanding of the layers of the brain and their basic functions. We teach the children exercises that prove very effective for mastering the belly breathing. One such exercise is “Teddy Surfing”. The child lies flat on the floor and places a small teddy on their tummy. As they breathe into their belly and out through their nose the teddy rises and falls, in other words he is surfing on their belly! Another exercise which we use is a laughter meditation. It involves evoking belly laughs as this promotes belly breathing. It is also a good ice breaker!

In week four we take a second reading of the children’s breathing patterns using the emWave software.

From weeks five to eight the focus is on relaxation through guided meditation. We employ progressive relaxation exercises in which we work on relaxing each part of the body; this helps the children to understand the difference between feeling tense and feeling relaxed.

In week nine we conclude with another reading of the children’s breathing pattern using the emWave software.

In the final week we meet with the parent/guardian to get feedback about how each child has progressed.

Who Should Take Part:

The workshop is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years so classes would be broken down as follows: 5-7 year olds, 8-10 year olds and 11-12 year olds

When and Where:

This course will be available at the Connolly Counselling Centre from January 2012. Dates to be confirmed.


The overall cost of this programme is €200 per child for the 10 week course.

Course Structure:

The core ethos of The Owen Connolly Counselling Centre is to provide a student centred, warm and supportive learning environment. The workshop is interactive, experiential and light hearted.


Course Facilitator:

Suzanne Condron, Consultant Psychologist

Here are some comments from Parents whose children took part:

“My child needed constant reassurance, she was always on high alert. By the end of the emWave workshop she seemed happier, calmer and more inclined to speak openly about her feelings.”

“I felt that my son was lacking in confidence and self belief. He would cling to me at the school gates in the morning; he needed a lot of reassurance. I saw a big change in his behaviour; he has begun to run into class in the mornings leaving me at the school gate! I feel that his confidence has improved and that he is more independent.”

“I felt that my child had low self-esteem and a very negative opinion of himself. Now he seems better able to manage his worries, one day he stated happily ‘I don’t have anything to worry about today’!”

He earned a reputation for being an unruly child, despite the fact that it was down to his medication. He became very insecure and very defensive. He would get extremely angry if he was accused in the wrong. He is also a huge people pleaser and would do anything to be liked. She also reported that he had a fear of rejection.

“I noticed a dramatic improvement in my son. He seems less stressed and more open to listening. He is more rational, he is like a different child. He is a lot happier in himself, he enjoys family time and most notably he listens to reason!”





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